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Sarah Shears


The visual creative. Rebellious in her nature. Born and raised in New York she has brought her skills to Hollywood and her clientele is building fast! She never follows the flow of trends but is a visionary in setting them and creating new techniques for other colorists. Empath, good at reading people's wants and visions. Disciplined in patience, never rushing. Attracts clients that embrace change and prefer professional guidance. Her goal is to brand big-name clients and brands with creative color. She wants to remind the hair world, “Just because its cool doesn’t make it pretty. Let's keep making beautiful hair.” Like her partner, Sarah has been in the industry for over a decade and dedicated herself to education of all hair types and understanding every person's needs. She prefers to be one on one with her clients. You can find her at OneEleven 5 days a week. 

Master Colorist

Edward Kutana

The technical creative, with an eye for fashion and structure. He uses inspiration from architecture, nature, and animation to create his customized cut & style for his clientele. Never limited to what's trending but always looking towards the future with his vision. A great listener. Attracts clients with specific requests and detailed nature, and most commonly other creatives. His goal as an artist is to create looks that are before their time and fit clients to customized styles that allow them to be branded as an “it” person. Specializing in short hair (men and women),  Curly hair cutting (All Lengths), and taking all of his precision cutting techniques to the next level. Most importantly he welcomes all hair types and has put a decade into understanding every person's needs. You can find Edward behind the chair 4 days a week and on set creating “moods” for high-end brands, campaigns, and platforms through the art of hair.

Master Stylist
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